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The Impact of Spanish Speakers in the US

Image by Daniel Prado on Unsplash

Last updated on October 20, 2022

Since we first established our principles as “the home of the free”, the United States of America has been a melting pot for various people and cultures. An example would be Spanish-speaking people, who have been in America since the Spanish started colonization in the sixteenth century. Their culture has impacted people’s lives all around the country in more ways than one. 


One of the most notable impacts of Spanish immigration, or Spanish-speaker immigration in general, in the US has been language diversity. As of May 2020, about 43,200,000 or so people in the US speak Spanish, making it the second most common language in the country. In fact, 46 percent of all foreign language classes in the US focus on Spanish. Spanish culture has impacted not only impacted language, but also education in America as well.


Another way that Spanish speakers have influenced the United States is through food. For instance, there are around 65,000 Mexican restaurants in the United States as of 2020. While the Mexican food served in America is not entirely authentic to that in Mexico itself, it still exemplifies the cultural influence of the primarily Spanish-speaking country. 


Many people in the United States also participate in cultural celebrations. For instance, the Chicago Latino Music Festival, New York Salsa Festival, and Mariachi USA are all examples of Spanish-speaking people’s festivals that are set in the United States. This reinforces the all-encompassing mixture that is American culture.   

Overall, Spanish speakers have influenced American culture in several different ways. Spanish speakers’ influence can be recognized in various aspects. of our lives.

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