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Dear Politicians, People Are Not Your Pawns

Photo on Unsplash of a migrant camp, taken by Julie Ricard 

Last updated on October 20, 2022

As we creep up on November, the fate of our country looms. The midterm elections will decide various controversial issues, such as abortion, public health policies, foreign policies, and our internal democratic structure. 

According to FiveThirtyEight, an incredibly reputable source forecasting political outcomes, the Democrats are slightly favored to win the Senate, while the Republicans are slightly favored to win the House. 

It is expected that Democrats will attempt to make abortion legal, codifying Roe, and making it the law of the land. Their campaigns thus far have focused on the preservation of human rights. However, members across the aisle have had different methods to get re-elected or elected. 

Some candidates in crucial races, including Ron De-Santis, Gavin Newsom, Greg Abbott, and others, have even insinuated a possible 2024 presidential campaign. 

Abbott and De-Santis have expressed they will win, by any means necessary. That was made abundantly clear with the political stunt pulled by De-Santis on September 14th, when 50 migrants unexpectedly arrived at Martha’s-Vineyard. It might sound incredibly odd, and it begs the question, why? In what conceivable world would a Governor from Florida, ship migrants from Texas, to Martha’s Vineyard? 

That world, I’m afraid, is vile. 

These migrants were told they were traveling to a place where opportunity was awaiting them. Instead, they were carted like cattle, with their purpose being a political prop. 

Imagine having an incredibly horrible home situation. Perhaps your small town is run by drug lords. Maybe your town is too small, almost constraining, or you need to run away from an abusive household. Or maybe, you want the opportunity to achieve your dreams in the so-called land of the free. 

And then you are promised one. You get on a bus, or a plane, and are told that the life you once lived, the one you are either trying to escape or improve will be a faint memory of the past. You step off the bus and are greeted by cameras. 

Republican governor Ron Desantis has made a mockery of what this country once prided itself on. I’m not going to sit here and claim that Americans are pure in elections. Our very coveted political strategy has been, and always will be it seems, mudslinging. But at the very least, candidates would attack each other. An unspoken rule is that each blow would only involve the other candidate.

Not to say that attacking anyone is good, for the record. Of course, it is not acceptable, from an ethical point of view. But at least candidates are public figures, who, by running, have signed up for criticism. But, for the sake of common decency, families looking for acceptance in the so-called land of the free shouldn’t be subjected to national attention. 

Yes, politics may be a game, but these people are not your playing cards. 

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