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Should Social Media Companies Be Able to Remove Content?

Last updated on November 21, 2022

With our increasing reliance on social media as a method of communication, many ask the question: how can we control dangerous content while maintaining free speech? Two junior writers offered their perspectives on the topic.

Hailey: If I posted something on Twitter and they took it down because they disagreed with it, then I would be confused because I should be able to say my own opinion. It’s my opinion, and everyone should be allowed to have their own.

If I said I liked a specific type of skateboard, I should be able to say that, even if other people on the platform disagree. This is because there is no one correct answer. It’s important to have different opinions online we don’t all have the same perspective. Also, having different opinions is better because it shows us how other people feel. This is important to know if we are hurting people’s feelings.

But, if I posted something that would hurt someone else, then Twitter should be able to take it down. Let’s say that another person accidentally skateboarded into me. If I went on Instagram and posted something really mean to get back at him, Instagram should be able to take that post down. This is because if it were you in that situation, it would hurt you and affect you. It makes people feel sad and mad about themselves, and that shouldn’t happen. 

Andy: If a person says their own opinion and someone else disagrees, and a harmful statement is said, social media should be able to take it down. They should be able to take it down because the post might be disrespectful and doesn’t help anyone.

For example, if I say Playboi Carti is the best rapper and someone disagrees and insults me, they should be punished because it was my opinion and they harmed me. Or, if I say something harmful on the internet, I should be penalized because I said something that hurts people.

However, if people are only talking about their opinion with people who agree, that is bad because they’re only talking about one viewpoint. They are not considering other people’s opinions. 

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