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The Side Route: Supplementing Your Income After Being Laid Off

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When you’ve been laid off or made unemployed, it’s not always clear how to react. The
immediate shock of recent events can make it hard to see sense. It is possible, however, to
reverse your fortunes with a supplementary income. Here’s what to consider.

Assess Skills

Your first priority is to take stock of what you know and how you’ve developed. Then think about
how these skills may be applied successfully. For example, if you are proficient at typing or have
experience with social media, you may be able to offer your services to businesses or
individuals. If you have traveled extensively, you could offer travel planning or consulting
services. These are the kinds of roles that can be profitable and balanced with full-time work.

Side Hustle Ideas

Once you’ve assessed your skillset, your next aim should be to identify potential roles and test
their viability. Here are a few examples.

● Nutrition planning: Many people are interested in improving their health and nutrition
but struggle to find the time to plan and prepare healthy meals. If you have a passion for
health & fitness, you could try offering personalized nutrition and meal-planning services.
This side hustle could include creating customized meal plans, grocery lists, and even
meal prep or delivery services.
● Virtual event planning: With the rise of remote work and the increased use of video
conferencing platforms, virtual events have become more popular than ever. If you have
experience in event planning and a knack for organization, you could start a business
offering virtual event planning and coordination services. This could include everything
from planning the event agenda and selecting a platform to managing registration and
facilitating the event itself.

● Interior design: If you have a keen eye for detail and strong problem-solving skills, it
may be possible to find work freelancing as an interior designer. You can start by looking
online for inspiration for an interior design website and mapping out the layout with high-
resolution visuals and short, easy-to-digest descriptions of your approach.

Finding Work

The strategies for finding work have evolved in synchrony with digital technology. For example,
online job boards, such as Indeed and LinkedIn Jobs, help us to search for and apply for new
roles. These sites often have a range of openings, from entry-level to executive roles. Take a
good look at the different available platforms and see if any of these appeals to you.

You could also try an alternative approach, marketing yourself with a website, paid campaigns
or utilizing your network. Even in the digital age, networking is a key method for generating new
opportunities and finding work. Connect with people in your industry via professional

organizations, LinkedIn, or in-person events. You never know who might have a job opportunity
or be able to introduce you to someone who does.


After being laid off, starting a business afresh is rarely our first thought, but thanks to the
available tools, it is possible to found a venture of your own on a limited budget. Take stock of
the vast array of technologies that can automate simple workflows, help you to track progress,
and improve your coordination in terms of finances, leads, and more.

Unemployment is challenging for the best of us, but the worst effects can often be mitigated with
a few smart strategies. Think carefully about your existing skill set, ideas for work, and
potentially even starting your own business – you may find you come out of this period better
than ever.

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