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Why Poetry Should Be Recognized More: It’s More Than Just Rhyming

Last updated on February 14, 2023

Some people aren’t the biggest fan of poetry, I get it. A part of that group thinks that poetry is just writing about depressing concepts while making it sound like a Dr. Seuss book. But, there’s more to it than just that. Poetry is something that you share with others to connect with one another, and, maybe, something to share with yourself.

Poems are a way to understand the world and others ‘feelings. Similar to art, poetry is a way to express something in an advanced manner. 

Poetry is like talking to a therapist. It gives us the opportunity to be honest and open about our emotions and feelings. In that case, it can be a good method for therapy. Poetry is actually best written when one is truly in the midst of one’s emotions and struggling to gain clarity. Poems were also read to soldiers of world wars and the American Civil War. It was to help them cope with trauma and the brutalities of war. Doctors would also write and read poetry to their patients, emotionally connecting with them. Poetry is even used by modern-day doctors/physicians at the Yale University School of Medicine and the University College London School of Medicine. Yale has a committee that keeps up with a required literary reading list that includes poetry! Poetry allows both the patient and the doctor to understand what the patient is going through or feeling. Poetry continues to be used as a form of therapy today.

 Words have the power to create a feeling of comfort and hope.

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