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The Case for Animal Rights

Last updated on February 26, 2023

When asked if you believe in animal rights, what might be your response?

Animals are living things, and like humans, they deserve rights. Animals help the Earth in various ways, such as by reducing the population of other animals. Animals are vital to the environment, and we can’t live without them.

Animals should have rights because a world without them would be difficult to live in. There would be no oxygen, prosperity, or economy – and none of us.

Yet, 3,000 cows are killed each year to supply the NFL with enough leather for a supply of footballs. That is completely unfair. Why so many? Three thousand cows? There are many alternatives that would save these cows. We could use something else to make leather or reduce the number of footballs needed.

We can help the environment by eliminating experiments that use animals, stopping the breeding and killing of animals for food, clothes, and medicine, preventing the use of animals for hard labor, and reducing hunting. Hemmi Kim states, “In the United States, many animals are defined as property and do not have rights in the same sense that humans have rights.” This, unfortunately, is true: animals are considered property when they should have more freedom. They should be able to do what they want, not what we want, since they have their own minds.

Animals deserve rights because all animals have the ability to suffer in the same way and to the same degree that humans do. They feel pain, pleasure, fear, frustration, and loneliness. All living beings on this earth have equal rights, the right to live, and also the right to enjoy what is available on this planet.

Animals will benefit from this solution because their population will be strengthened. We, as humans, will benefit because we will discover a variety of food on our table (when we don’t eat too much meat, saving the environment). We can continue our life on this planet. Animals deserve this. And remember: we can’t live without them.

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