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A Different View on Vintage Style

Photo by Kei Scampa via Pexels

Last updated on July 17, 2023

What do we usually associate with the word vintage? Well, to many people what comes to mind is an image of an old lady dressed like Queen Elizabeth ll, wearing a colorful long dress and a funny hat or a bright scarf. This word, to some extent, is connected in our minds with old people rather than with those who are dressed in a savourful way. Their clothes, despite being old-fashioned, look very smart and modest. It is very hard to imagine a young person dressed like this. However, this perspective of the vintage isn’t only limited but also inherently wrong.

When we go on the street we see a lot of people, their faces are different but their outfits somehow look the same. What is the main reason for this? Well, the majority of people buy clothes at fast-fashion shops where they are not only of poor quality but also look cheap and uninspiring. If you don’t want to look like others and want to have a unique style, then you can try to add something interesting and vintage to your outfits. The first step is to find which “old-fashioned” style is the most suitable for you. For instance, if you have a curvy figure, the fashion trends of the 1940’s and 1950’s are perfect for you. And if you are tall and very skinny, the fashion of the 1920’s and 1960’s are excellent choices.

 However, the choice of your outfit can also depend on your daily mood. Lovely sunny days can inspire you to do makeup with colorful eyeshadows and a crease eyeliner so you will just look like a twiggy. The days that are rainy and you don’t have such a great mood? It’s not a problem either. Try to wear something dark and mysterious. Maybe a long trench or coat so you will look like a depressed private detective from the noir films of the 40’s. If you’re a fan of the basic looks, 90’s fashion will suit you the best.

But what if you don’t have enough money to buy cool vintage clothes at the vintage shops? The prices there can be outrageous. You`ll say this to me and I answer that actually there are a lot of opportunities to buy unique clothes, spending the least amount of money, such as, second-hands, thrift stores, and flea markets, or just quietly take your mom’s clothes which she used to wear when she was at your age. You`ll just have to spend some time looking for the special item which will not only fit you perfectly but also emphasize your personal state of mind. Moreover, you can find branded and luxury items of premium quality for affordable prices in such stores. Shopping at these kinds of stores is like a game because you have to spend some time and energy to find something and in the end, when you do, it feels like a reward. It can also be a very fun activity if you shop there with your friends. You can help each other and give some pieces of advice. Also you can try on some funny costumes. Usually there are many of them at thrift stores. So if you are tired of spending a good amount of your salary on clothes it`ll be also useful for you.

Also buying used clothes is better than going to the shops. A large amount of the clothes that we buy every season are going to the trash can after several wearings.  Do you remember the rule of the three R`s? Reduce, reuse, recycle. I hope you are aware how fast fashion is destroying our planet. If not, I`ll tell you. The fashion nowadays is changing so fast that a lot of the clothing ends up in a landfill and it will not decay due to the synthetic fabric fibers. In addition to this, the garment plant employees often do exhausting work long hours, receive low wages, and are deprived of social guarantees. If you like to buy a lot of clothes but don’t want to support fast-fashion brands and don’t want to be the part of overconsumption, try to buy it at the second-hand stores.

And last but not least, is furniture. Are you tired of minimalistic and boring-looking flats decorated with furniture from IKEA? Honestly, I know that a lot of people are because such types of accommodations look uncozy like something important is missing. And if you are one of them, I can recommend something to you. Ask yourself a question: why does your grandma’s house feel much more lifeful than your modern renovated flat? The answer is details and things with history. Every piece of old furniture has its own unique history. Details, such as: old pictures in frames, souvenirs and books on shelves bring life to your nest. 

Where can you find vintage fittings? Well, as with clothes, the answer is still simple — flea markets and thrift stores. They are the cheapest option. However, if you have some money I recommend you to buy antique things at the vintage shops. Usually, the old furniture is made way better than the contemporary one so it`s worth buying it. And as with clothes, we should reuse more old things.

Don`t be afraid to combine modernity and history in your lifestyle and you`ll hear many compliments about the interior of your flat, your sense of style, and your extraordinary way of thinking, not only from your friends but from everyone! Also, you`ll help our planet to live another hundred years. So make your choice. 

Be inspired, create and inspire others.

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