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Chat-GPT is a Mistake When It Comes To Human Advancement 

Last updated on August 12, 2023

Something that I have realized over the years that is unusually challenging to master is writing a relatable piece of work. Recently, though, a new resource has been populating the field of writing: Chat GPT. Chat GPT is a tremendous aid to writers because it provides refined structures of work instantaneously, allowing the opportunities for someone to easily take the recognition for a text or novel produced by artificial intelligence. However, this can spoil, cheat, and diminish the objectives of aspiring writers, journalists, and poets. Chat GPT is accessible on any device for no charge, but people have been using this as a way to defraud the education system, spread propaganda, biases, and misinformation, and change the meaning of originality. This progressive technology may appear great for our constantly innovating society. Regardless of how it seems, it needs to be confined and averted to preserve the essence of human thought.

According to the article, 6 Big Problems With Open AI’s ChatGPT, From writing cover letters to describing major themes in a famous work of literature, ChatGPT can do it all without hesitation.” Students and scholars of all ages have learned to utilize this resource, developing a lack of independence in fields such as creative writing. This could be teaching the next generation that mastery of writing is not needed for a variety of professions in linguistically oriented jobs. In addition, the article claims, Technological advancements have always resulted in jobs being lost, but the speed of AI advancements means there are multiple industries facing the same problem.” This means that people will no longer become efficient, capable, and informed when they cannot exercise the realistic talent needed to articulate and illustrate ideas. Therefore they cannot compete with Chat GPT for employment, and would rather support the industry in order to fulfill their own shortcomings. Conclusively, The Byte explains, “…it’s easy to forget that ChatGPT, at least as it stands right now, is an inherently deeply flawed piece of tech…”.  It is noteworthy to consider that when using AI, it can process and disseminate information incorrectly. Influencers can also make writing appear accurate, even if it is an opinionated topic. This leaves the persuasive possibilities endless for politicians, conspiracy theorists, and scammers who attempt to deceive their audiences.

If you are a person who is not deeply passionate about how our language could develop, you would be surprised by how significant it is to aspiring scholars, the education system, and writers. Although AI is very capable of making the perfect piece, many can misuse that privilege for personal benefit or others’ toils. If we continue to find easier paths that do not have reliable credibility, we will lose the learning growth process of creative ideas. Throughout schooling or jobs, we will become inadequate when we allow ourselves to be controlled by the limitless knowledge and possible mistakes that technology can hold. This can create a troubling situation where humans are not needed to learn, get careers, or think radically about the ways we communicate. If communication is isolated from independence, we will become isolated from our natural bonds with others.

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