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Let’s Chat about Climate Change.

Last updated on August 2, 2023

In the past several years, climate change has been increasing very rapidly. What has been causing climate change? Will it have a lasting impact? All in all, it will have a huge impact on humans, the environment, and animals in the future.

Global temperatures rose about 1.98 F (1.1C) from 1901 to 2020. This leads to sea level rise and an increase in precipitation, which causes more floods. In effect, symptoms such as rising global surface temperatures lead to higher sea levels, longer and more intense heat waves, melting glaciers and ice sheets, polar sea ice loss, extreme weather, and climate events, and impacts on animal habitats. 
Another reason that climate change will impact us is that there would be more diseases such as malaria, anthrax, dengue, and giardiasis. According to CFR, mosquitos will be able to survive in areas that were too cool for them to live in as a result of climate change.

The last reason that climate change will impact us is the loss of biodiversity. With the temperature rising, animals will lose their habitats and source of food. According to WWF, we would lose 68% of the mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibian population. This will cause humans to lose half of their food source as a result of climate change.

All of these effects show that there will be major problems in the future due to climate change. There are multiple ways to stop climate change such as using electric vehicles, recycling, avoiding products with excessive packaging, and traveling light.

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