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   A Vocal Talent: A Case for Voice Actors

Last updated on August 2, 2023

I stared at the screen and the pictures entranced me. I say the pictures, but really it was the voices. The voices made me want more. It showed me how the characters were feeling and how I imagined them. Live-action movies have voices and people too, I get it. But you can’t remake the feeling of seeing a character you know could never be recreated in real life and speak in a real voice. While live-action actors refine their movements so that you know how they feel, voice actors refine their voices, and that is beautiful. Voice actors are people who, instead of acting with their full bodies, use just their voices to display emotion. Voice actors are just as talented, if not more talented than live-action actors and they should be treated with just as high regard.

Voice actors, by most people, are not treated the same way as live-action actors. In films that require voice actors for the film to be successful, they are still paid very little. According to this article on voice acting, “Producers of multi-million dollar products will toss out crumbs for the voice actor, even though the final product cannot be completed without it. And like pigeons in the park, when the crumbs hit the ground, a flock of hungry voice actors is waiting to descend upon the pittance. You can find voice actors advertising to perform a 30-second script for five bucks!” This quote is from Backstage and was written by Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins. It is also said by Rob Marley at that “The top artists at best have about a 4% success rate for getting the part they want”. I am not saying that actors have it easy. On the contrary, one’s chances of becoming a successful live-action actor are only two percent, but voice acting can be just as difficult to make a living out of because of the low pay and the sheer amount of them.

The talent of a voice actor fully relies on their ability to show their emotion through their voice and at times when you can’t show your body to show how you feel, this can be very difficult. A voice actor’s voice is their weapon in the acting community, and it takes time to refine that. The people who are able to refine it shouldn’t get paid such a substantially lower amount than live-action actors. Directors, next time you need a voice actor for your movie or your commercial, please remember that they are just as talented as live actors and shouldn’t be treated as the lower party. Voice actors have families to feed and bills to pay too, so consider this next time you pay or hire a voice actor.

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