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Marvel: The Superior Option

Last updated on August 2, 2023

Have you ever seen a movie with explosions, fights, and stunts more dangerous than what the average human can survive? Well, Marvel is one of the best producing studios in the world for action movies but there are different companies that are doing the same thing. DC is Marvel’s most popular competitor and people have spent 59 years discussing which is better. To me, though, the choice is clear. 

Most people ask me why Marvel is better than DC, but the evidence can be traced back to the sites Vulk, Liberty, and Screenrant. Vulk is an educational website about the history of filmmaking that most students tend to use for research. Additionally, Liberty is the official school news website of Liberty University and Screen Rant is a professional website used by many to gain information about the industry. 

According to Vulk, Marvel’s most-sold movie is Endgame which reached over $2 billion in sales despite them already having comics that tell the story of what we see in the movies. Comic-Con supports mostly all of Marvel because it was the most prosperous company in the 2000s. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has it all when it comes to cultivating one’s curiosity. Marvel’s movies are way different than DC or other companies in their iconic characters and villains. According to Screen Rant, a professional website about Marvel, Warner Brothers’ overarching plans, DC’s involvement in creating a movie universe, and the lack of direction are part of the reason why Marvel wins over DC on both the big and small screens.

Marvel’s one of the most iconic movie studios in the history of film. They have made over 31 films and have become a successful company through the ages. Marvel has inspired people to dive into filmmaking.

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