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America is Burning

Last updated on October 18, 2023

Boom. A sudden burst of energy erupts, unleashing a wicked toxin, fire.

With all of his 600 muscles and 4,000 tendons, fire roars, conquering the small building at a rate of 5.5 meters per second. Pyrotechnic flames blaze up and down, releasing wooshing sounds as if the building was caught in a whirlwind. Fire starts to trickle across power lines, hissing at anything that tries to get in its way. Intense heat takes over as the fire burns a bright orange color.

Suffocating smoke expands, creating dense clouds while fuel and carbon dioxide combust.

Drenched inside the fire lies a small, one-story dark red liquor store on the edge of a street. The top half of the building contains the words “Minnehaha Lake Wine & Spirits” in white. Below these words, different types of graffiti stretch across the building.

The bottom of the right half of the building has collapsed, leaving room for the blazing fire to take over. In front of the hazy building lays small pieces of glass and trash scattered throughout the dark black street.

Walking on the street alone, the shadow of a man is shown holding the American Flag. This red, white, and blue piece of fabric is held upside down, the bright fire peering through it. Wind from the pitch-black sky moves the shadow of this flag back and forth as the world behind it, America, is burning in bright, monstrous flames. 

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