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Posts published in “World”

Stories with a focus on geopolitics, writing about issues that face the world as a whole like climate breakdown and coronavirus.

War for the Right to Education: What It’s Like to Study in the Presence of Active Air Raids

In the school basement with wet books, in outerwear, often without electricity, and under the sounds of air raid alerts, the students of my school are studying this year. Here in Ukraine, the war has completely changed the price of such basic and customary things for children around the world such as attending school, listening to teachers in the classroom, and following normal routines.

Education in Ukraine During A Full-Scale Invasion

No matter how stable some things may seem, even the most hardened structures or routines can encounter a dead end in a wink in a swiftly changing world. When war hits your life, adaptivity and quick response are crucial in keeping pace with challenges like that; I am full of pride to say that the Ukrainian education system demonstrated such character to the world last year. And what is even more important, we see that no matter what, Ukrainian students are motivated to obtain an education.