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Posts published in “Middle School”

Perspectives from our middle school staff members and Published Points of View guest writers.

Let’s Chat about Climate Change.

The last reason that climate change will impact us is the loss of biodiversity. With the temperature rising, animals will lose their habitats and source of food. According to WWF, we would lose 68% of the mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibian population. This will cause humans to lose half of their food source as a result of climate change.

Is The Government Hiding Aliens From Us? 

Even powerful politicians, it turns out, think there may be more to many saucer stories than what meets the public eye. The public doesn’t know what goes on inside Area 51, or even what the government is doing, and we probably won’t for decades to come. To think that there must be something truly incredible inside—that has the mouthfeel of truth.

The Power of Catchy Slogans and Jingles

According to a study done by The Manifest, 47% of people use a slogan or mission statement to decide whether or not they are going to purchase a product from a business. This shows that close to half of people depend on slogans to make purchasing decisions, meaning that a good slogan can improve a company’s sales.