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Posts published in “Middle School”

Perspectives from our middle school staff members and Published Points of View guest writers.

Racism in My Day-to-Day Life

Imagine you're walking with your friends, and then, all of a sudden, you hear someone call your brother a racial slur. I didn’t have to imagine, because that happened to me.

The Problem With the Star Wars Sequels

Ever since I was a little kid, I have loved Star Wars. The comics, movies, games, EVERYTHING. But now that I am older and I have a few expectations when it comes to movies, I myself and probably the rest of the Star Wars community can agree that the sequels are utterly hot trash.

Our Approach to Copyright Needs to Change

In 2021, Youtube reported that the number of disputed copyright claims on their website was nearing 3.7 million. In over 60% of those argued cases, the uploader won the dispute. This goes to show how websites like and including Youtube have ineffective detection systems which need to be changed.

How Can Music Help Us?

A few years ago, I connected my headphones to my phone to listen to music while taking a test. During this test, I felt more focused and ended up getting a better score. So, does music actually help you?