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Posts published in “Politics”

Stories that focus on the controversy in Washington, domestic issues, social policies, and foreign conflicts.

We are a Singular Nation

The most imperative concept to remember, when faced with a crisis, is to stand united. Only upon this unification, can the United States stand a chance to solve the world’s most unprecedented problems.

What Exactly is Education?

A wave of fatigue consumes John as he is forced to wistfully listen to his teacher’s mundane lecture. In the battle to stay awake, he asks the question thousands of students across the nation ask in extreme boredom.

Yang Gang?

As of November 8th, there are 19 candidates running for president. Among this excessive number is Andrew Yang. Although he is polling at 2.8 percent nationally according to, he is gaining more and more attention.

How Can We Combat Climate Breakdown?

At a United Nation climate change summit, 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg voiced her opinion. She said that the status quo is all wrong and criticized promises of economic prosperity. She stressed the impact climate change has on ecosystems and the ocean.