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LGBTQ Hate: A Look Behind The Scenes

Last updated on February 14, 2023

When you think of injustice; specifically in the LGBTQ+ community, is the first thought that comes to mind hate crimes? Have you ever seen a person get discriminated against and attacked just because of who they want to love? This is the unfortunate truth for people in our world. The hardest part is, that the violence can get even worse than this. We should take a dive into what really happens behind the scenes.

For the community in itself, more specifically the trans community, murder is a constant scare. In a report from Transrespect versus Transphobia worldwide from 2021, data showed that 375 transgender people were murdered because of their gender identity. What’s even more horrifying is that since the organization’s founding, over 4000 transgender people have died at the hands of transphobes.

It’s important to acknowledge this crucial issue of violence and take steps to amend it. LGBTQ discriminatory violence is overlooked far too often.

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