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Interviewing LCF Mayor Davitt on the State of La Cañada

Last updated on February 15, 2021

February 2, La Cañada City Hall. The Outspoken Oppa Team interviewing the LCF Mayor (Photo Credit: Luke Manion for the Outspoken Oppa)

On February 3, 2021, The Outspoken Oppa Media Team interviewed La Cañada Flintridge Mayor Michael Davitt. Directed by Luke Kim and photographed by Mason Pirkey and Luke Manion, the interview took place at the La Cañada City Hall at 2:00 P.M.

The LCF mayor’s current term started in March 2020 and will end in March 2022. He was first elected to the City Council in 2011 and re-elected in 2015. During his tenure on the city council, Mr. Davitt has served on the City Council Hillside & Open Space, Rockridge Terrace, and Specific Plan subcommittees, as well as liaison to the Joint Use Committee. He was also a City Council representative on the Business Support and Development Committee (BSDC) and liaison to the Youth Council.

In a nearly thirty-minute interview, the mayor discussed how COVID-19 impacted La Cañada and the City Council’s response to that impact. He also discussed the local government’s response and coordination to the closure of La Cañada schools, including addressing the mental health of La Cañada students. Additionally, the mayor talked about furthering efforts to communicate with La Cañada students and discussed the quality of education during distance learning.

Finally, the mayor went into greater length about the group known as La Cañada Black Lives Matter and their proposal to terminate the city’s contract with the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department. Davitt talked about their concerns with public safety and noted that the group has met with various levels of local government like public safety commissioners.

The full video will be published on the website and the website’s YouTube channel in three weeks. The video will be edited by Luke Kim and Zuzu Farrington; both have edited past interviews conducted by the Outspoken Oppa.

The interview with La Cañada Mayor Davitt is an independent production of the Outspoken Oppa, and the interview was conducted under the consent of and in coordination with the mayor.

The Outspoken Oppa extends its sincerest gratitude to the mayor for his time and effort in doing the interview.

Photo Credit: Luke Manion for the Outspoken Oppa

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